New Yoke

New Yoke

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Feeling the need to be busy will always be there, but what about the expedience to heal? Strangely enough, stepping into chaos can be a healing practice. Getting caught in the rain can be forgiving. Seeing a pay phone can remind you that there’s always someone to call. Seeing wild life looming in a bodega might remind you that protection is right on time. Seeing steps can inspire you to think of success as something beyond a mere bright ascension, maybe even as a trot downwards into the mysterious depths.


Being forced to create new neural pathways may be a richer purpose for a vacation after all, and I think thats exactly what my long time homeboy, Kevin, and I accomplished recently. Each symbol in this piece is a lived experience born from a collaborative outcry for support and mental renewal during his visit to New York City. What a time it was for us to expressively unleash - especially amidst a critical juncture in our artistic journey together, after being apart since high school.


This piece should be a device of remembrance for all. When creating art, time is indeed hyperbolic within the chambers of opportunity, and perhaps, from moment to moment we should lose track of it.



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